• About us


    Founded in 1974 as Maron Engineering, Phoenix Engineering was incorporated in 1978.

    In 1985 it was named Phoenix Engineering and Ms. Silvia Maron became its President.

    For over 20 years, Phoenix Engineering has been providing employers with highly trained temporary staff. Founded as a temporary employment agency to serve Southern California’s technological community, Phoenix Engineering now provides temporary service to many different industries.

    Phoenix Engineering has successfully provided staffing for projects ranging from $2 million to $20,000 in annual value. For a new Northrop Grumman contract, Phoenix Engineering transitioned incumbent employees, implemented its task management plan, and allocated the resources necessary to seamlessly transition contractor responsibilities in one day.

    Among the types of assignments employers seek help from Phoenix are:

    • Accounting Bookkeeping, billing, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable
    • Administration Buyers, expediters, contract administrators, administrative assistants
    • Assembly Electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, lead supervisors
    • Clerical Receptionists, secretaries, word processors, technical typists, composition
    • typists, telemarketers
    • Computer Professionals Programmers, systems analysts, microcomputer specialists,
    • technical writers, hardware and software testers, operators
    • Construction Architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, designers, drafters,
    • technicians, trades, administration
    • Data Processing Systems operators, keypunch, data entry, control clerks
    • Design Printed circuits, hybrids, MOS and LSI, mechanical
    • Engineers Electrical, mechanical, computer technicians
    • IT/Software Engineers Test engineers, developers, systems engineers
    • Inspection/Quality Assurance Printed circuits, hybrids, maintainability, electronics,
    • software
    • Shop Machinists, inspectors, sheet metal workers, warehouse, general labor

    Phoenix Engineering is a female and minority owned and operated agency.