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    Title Structural Seismic
    Categories Light Industrial, Professionals, Technicians
    Job Information

    The objective of this position is to provide senior-level seismic structural engineering support and design services for shore infrastructure in support of the Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit in Oakland, California. It will focus on facility seismic structural assessment and improvement design.

    The job will:

    Provide independent support services as a senior-level, professional, licensed structural engineer with a focused background and experience in seismic assessments and retrofit of facilities (buildings, waterfront facilities, piers, wharves, towers, fuel tanks, and other facilities similar to Coast Guards holdings and resources). Provide expert support, facility assessment, risk-to-life and mission analysis, and design document preparation to analyze compliance with current federal, state, and local statutory, and IBC requirements, as well Department of Homeland Security/Coast Guard instructions and policies. Facilities are typically within tsunami zones, where the Coast Guard acts in a first response role. Analysis of the risk of loss of life and the risk to mission capability is the initial deliverable(s) for this job.

    Position Duties:

    • Provide seismic preparation of, assistance with, and support for the assessment of the seismic risk to Coast Guard facilities. Assessment will include the risk-to-life and mission capability
    • Prepare technical documents (studies, reports, drawings, specifications, etc.) and construction cost estimates for any necessary structural improvements to Coast Guard facilities to ensure compliance with the current IBC and other applicable seismic requirements and standards
    • Perform site investigations to gather essential information for the seismic evaluation of Coast Guard facilities, and required improvements to ensure compliance with current IBC and other applicable seismic requirements and standards
    • Provide expert, in-house assessment of earthquake impacts to life and Coast Guard mission capability, seismic retrofit requirements and construction costs, consultation and coordination of retrofit design projects, and timelines for retrofit project implementation
    • Assist in, and manage special projects as assigned by the Coast Guard Division Chief or his designated representative

    Position Qualifications:

    Minimum of eight years of experience preparing seismic assessments of existing buildings, the detailed structural design of seismic retrofit projects (for buildings and facilities), construction cost estimating of seismic retrofit projects (for buildings and facilities), including Tier 1 evaluations

    • Bachelor’s degree in structural engineering from an ABET-accredited college or university
    • A current professional structural engineering (SE) license from one of the following states (preferably California): Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, or Arizona
    • Knowledge or experience with seismic structural engineering procedures utilized by the federal government (FEMA, GSA, etc.)
    • Experience preparing structural drawings and specifications for seismic retrofit projects
    • A minimum of three fully-constructed seismic retrofit structural design projects
    • Experience conducting structural assessment of facilities for compliance with building code seismic compliance (IBC, UBC, SBCC, etc.)
    • Strong communication skills with proficient spoken and written English
    • Experience with MS software applications
    • Experience with risk-to-life and mission analysis

    Highly preferred:

    • Knowledge of current federal, state, and local statutory, and Department of Homeland Security/Coast Guard policies and instructions


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    Title Technical Editor and Writer 3
    Categories Administrative Support, Office Technical, Professionals
    Location San Diego, CA
    Job Information

    Responsibilities: As a Technical Editor and Writer, you will be responsible to write, rewrite and/or edit technical documents such as technical procedure manuals, user manuals, programming manuals, service manuals, operational specifications, and related technical publications. You will develop material that communicates clearly and effectively the technical specifications and instructions to a wide range of audiences to include military personnel.

    Requirements: Must have 6 Years relevant experience with Bachelors; 4 Years with Masters. Previous IETM authoring and development experience. Possess knowledge of S1000D, SGML or XML authoring software, common source databases, technical publications development processes, and Quality Assurance (QA) methods. Preferred Qualifications: Possess a familiarity with aircraft systems and the USAF Technical Order guidelines.

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